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Environmental Controls

Environmental Control Systems by Camali Corp


Camali utilizes the latest technologies. The high efficiency built into our environmental control systems coupled with ease of implementation and 24/7 availability all combine to provide you compelling economics making it an easy and financially sound choice all while using the latest technologies.

Camali Corp proves that reducing your carbon footprint and your energy costs are now within reach.

Air Conditioning (Computer Grade)

Modern computer equipment generates a great amount of heat. The cooling system must be appropriately designed, installed and maintained in order to prolong the life of the equipment and protect investment. Excessive heat does damage to electronic components and cause premature system failures and reduce system life.


In all applications, heating and ventilation is required. Camali Corp is best suited to review or design the Data Center to meet these requirements.
• Condensers
• Chillers
• Cooling Towers
• Air Handlers
• Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)

Building Automation

Many modern buildings rely on computerized systems to control the operation of pumps, chillers, cooling towers, dampers, parking lot lights and other. Camali Corp has invested heavily in this area of the market through increased internal training and the hiring of senior engineers with specific skills in building automation. We focus on the following:
• Energy Management System (EMS)
• Data Acquisition
• Controls
• System Design and Retrofitting

Fire Suppression

Current California Building code requires water sprinkler systems for all commercial buildings. Computer rooms require a different agent such as Inergen, Sapphire or FM 200 for fire suppression. We will work with customer staff to design and install the Fire Suppression System that best suits needs and budget constraints.
• Inergen
• FM – 200
• Halon
• Sapphire
• Pre – Action dry piping
• Water Sprinkler System