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Computer Powering


POWER – Powering Data Centers

Data Centers demand for power continues to skyrocket and today’s data center operators are always challenged to rely on an aging electric grid to power their growth. Data center operators are finding traditional approaches inadequate to scale with today’s increasing IT demands.

Camali Corp has developed a better way to provide power to data centers and mission critical facilities. Camali’s methodology, always-on design simultaneously addresses the key challenges of traditional data center design: reliability, energy efficiency, reduced operational cost and environmental sustainability.

  • Uninterruptible Powers Systems (UPS)
  • Electrical Design

Uninterruptible Power System (UPS)

As a key element in any Data Center design, the UPS plays a critical role in System Availability and overall operational performance. At Camali Corp we are vendor neutral and sell all major brands. New or pre-owned we will provide whatever suites our clients needs.

Power Distribution Units (PDU)

Often viewed as the neck of the funnel in the system, the appropriate PDU layout and design is critically important for reliable and fail safe Data Center operation.

Power Whips

Camali Corp manufactures and customizes sealed tight flex and watertight cables in house. Our quality construction processes ensure that the proper assembly methods and techniques are utilized. This guarantees long life and trouble free operation.

Diesel Generators / Auto Transfer Switch (ATS)

Standby power is a necessity during prolonged commercial power outages and brown outs. It is absolutely indispensable for critical applications that cannot tolerate unscheduled down time. A well designed, installed and maintained UPS and Diesel Generator Power System represents the best method to safeguard your investment and to ensure that your application will be available when you need it. Since Camali Corp is vendor neutral, there are many brands of Diesel Generators offered to fit your exact needs.

Electrical Design

Our Registered Professional Engineers (PE) will design Distribution Systems for both Normal and Emergency loads in accordance with existing and projected growth. Site Evaluation Services are available to provide customers with capacity planning and budgeting.