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Alex Mock

I started out in the industry after attending DeVry University where I studied Electronics & Computer technology. I was a part-time Skiing & Snowboarding instructor at Mountain High while attending school full-time. Perks of traveling & working in the field is what caught my attention in the career path I chose to follow. I never thought I would be working on high-voltage. I was in the process of becoming and Network Administrator. I have been working in the industry since the day I graduated in March of 2004.
Prior to Camali I was working in the field for 2 years. I was referred by a friend I often worked with. He mentioned that there was an outfit where I would advance not only as a person but in my technical trades & skills as well. So my first day was a ‘160 battery replacement job’. I have never worked with the team nor spoken to any of them & I’m pretty sure they all thought, ‘well, how is this kid going to help?’ sure enough I hustled to their expectations while being safe & I became a perfect fit to the group.

My specialties would consist of troubleshooting UPS systems, Generators & Power Distribution Units. I have certifications in ARC Flash & Power Generation Systems. I recently married my best friend in June of 2014. She is a Pediatric Nurse at Children’s Hospital of Orange County. We have 2 puppies; one’s name is Boss & he is a 120lbs blue-nose pit-bull & the other is Chopper the 15lbs maltese-pekanese, & I’m sure you all know who the real Boss is of the two. I enjoy long walks on the beach with my family. We enjoy everything outdoors & look forward to what mother nature has to offer!