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Health Facilities Services


Health Facilities Services


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Camali Corp’s Health Facilities Services (HFS) is a unique set of capabilities designed to support OSHPD’s strict building and environmental rules for Acute Care Facilities.

Camali Corp has accumulated a significant amount of experience assisting organizations such as Children’s Hospital of San Diego, Loma Linda University Medical Center, Scripps, Huntington Memorial Hospitals along with OSHPD’s strict code and regulations.

Camali Corp fully understands OSHPD’S standards for the design, construction and maintenance of the systems supporting the infrastructure, such as UPS, back-up Emergency Power, HVAC, Seismic Bracing, Fire Suppression., etc.

• Design Services: Electrical, Mechanical and Structural

• Building: including raised floors, rated walls and structures

• Seismic bracing for computer racks & equipment

• UPS & Emergency Power

• HVAC, Computer grade cooling installation and maintenance
• Fire Suppression Systems (Inergen, FM-200, Water, Halon)

• General Construction

• Warranty and Maintenance Services on all
installed equipment


Camali offers OSHPD-like design and construction services for commercial customers with high availability requirements.